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There’s a quiet so loud at pierces the ears

it echoes throughout every cell in your body

A stillness that seems an illusion

furiously challenged by the whirlwind within

It’s this silence that is so desperately needed to realign ourselves

Yet it’s this quiet that’s so ironically sought after and meticulously avoided.

You try to settle and close your eyes

Your hearts sped up and limbs are warming

A knot tightens in the pit of your stomach

And the relentless mind begins to dictate a story

Telling your body this clearly isn’t the time

You’re not even relaxed and remember that urgent to do list

What a fool to think this quiet time was for you.

So you exit out of this space

Your heart beat lessons further confirming your minds bs story for better served time

So you go about your day again on mostly subconscious autopilot

Only to be catapulted back into the silence in the middle of your precious sleep.

For the soul has the reigns now

Stripped for too long of its opportunities to realign with body and mind

Make no mistake that our spirit will carve out that time for us.

Because this is when our intuition can really come to light.

Let’s honor this time

Before illness

Before heartache

Before you marry the unfaithful Ahole

Before you take the dangerously stressful job

Before you’re lying in a hospital bed missing a part of you

Before you ever turn away from the true you.


So here I am

In this often uncomfortable stillness

And here I’ll continue to be

And to stretch out, dance, paint, garden, sing, walk

Because now I’ve learned to bring the stillness and the quiet of meditation and mindfulness into the things that bring my soul joy and I realign regularly.

My mission is to help others realign and to maintain that alignment even when shit hits the fan.

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