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Honoring Yourself

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When I found this old gem, aside from being tempted down a rather nostalgic path, this photo really got me thinking...I find myself looking at my son in this way all the time. But when was the last time you’ve looked at yourself with that same joyous adoration. All too often we judge ourselves & our bodies so harshly. In the last couple of months, I’ve come to appreciate & love myself- mind, body & soul on a whole new level. As I heal from my 3rd surgery & prepare for the 4th…I am committing to looking at & honoring myself with unconditional love, patience, & gratitude.

I challenge you to look within yourself, and yourself only for acceptance and approval. Especially in regard to your outward appearance. Comparison can truly be the thief of joy. You are in charge of the thoughts about yourself; make them empowering! Imagine if you spent the time appreciating versus criticizing.

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