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Reconstructive Surgery Following Bilateral Mastectomy

I took this photo Wednesday morning before a post-op where my surgeon actually took these drains out! Hallelujah! Following my mastectomy I had two drains on each side plus a wound VAC for the first week & then I had an additional three weeks of drains specifically on the left with all the bleeding. So this is a victory.

Cancer does not discriminate. Early detection is key. I’m sharing this for breast cancer awareness month [But I’m not stopping come end of month].

For me, it was a intuitive feeling that also was accompanied with some physical pain, especially when I slept on my left side. I was waking up nightly. At almost the exact same time (a lot more on that to come in some writings in working on) and I decided it was time to light the fire a little at my OBGYN office...never realizing just how grateful I would come to be that they got me in but even more that I advocated for myself. So mask on, beginning of April, trying to adhere to these new covid guidelines and manage my caseload of 20 patients, I went to the OB/GYN for the first time in over a year since my son. [The lack of Postpartum follow up is something else I’m very passionate about so stay tuned on this topic as well*] Sure enough, my doc said I needed to have a biopsy. My heart sank but I kept thinking it’s It had be nothing, right? I’m so young. I just turned 33 mid May. I’ll say it again, cancer does not discriminate on age nor how healthy you thought you were being. Start your self exams today!

I’m beyond thankful I was able to catch the DCIS before it became invasive, & I will not need to undergo treatment. I have one more surgery to go for a total of 4; these last two being my reconstructive surgery. I’m now just over a week out from my first reconstruction & recovering well.

To everyone just starting your journey, or wherever you may be in your healing process... you are not alone. You are beautiful. You are stronger than you think. You are never required to justify how you care for yourself during YOUR journey!

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