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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Relationships. We’re experiencing them constantly since our entry onto this planet. We have ones born into, ones we’ve thoughtfully chosen, & ones that seem to be provided to us for a divine purpose

When I met my husband I was in the midst of my longest span being single. I was in a place where on one hand I was so proud of myself for having the strength to call things off & be alone, & another that was petrified of finding someone who would see & embrace me for me… bc no way in hell was I putting any filter on myself to impress anyone.

I seriously wrote out all the qualities I wanted in a husband, father…& man in the community.

I put it out there; I prayed, I wrote, I reflected, I sang, I cried & I imagined.

A couple weeks later I met this man who just happened to live 2 miles from me at present & lived about 30 miles from me growing up. He grabbed my face in his hands & kissed me in a way… on that first night… that had me so completely at peace.

This peace has transcended so much. Yeah of course, as in any marriage- it’s had to transcend the bs fights- the clashing of ideas, insights, ways of parenting… lashing out bc one isn’t feeling properly seen.

But. This relationship has been perhaps one of the most transformative. Doing life with someone- day in & day out is so profoundly transformative. Our partner holds a mirror up to aspects of ourselves finally felt comfortable tackling bc of the support, picks up so much slack when not feeling great, and this one brings so much laughter & joy to every day that I find myself feeling inspired with a new way of approaching the day.

He’s pulled me up from the depth of despair, & he’s also held me up on his shoulders to sing my praises. This is true balance in relationships.

There are going to be times when your relationship will challenge you in ways that make you feel defeated. This is the time for the reframe. For what you’re really dealing with is a profound insight into a needed change/ healing within you that is being brought to light & supported by this very person your ego wants to strangle. Work through it, be vulnerable, take accountability & grow together. It’s so worth it.

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