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Welcome to

Teresa Diana Wellness

California girl born & raised. On a mission to help foster holistic wellness for others.

Proud wife to one sweetheart man. Mama to a joyous toddler boy.

Mental health advocate. Breast cancer survivor. 

 I graduated Cum Laude with my bachelors degree in psychology from Santa Clara

University in 2010. Since 2010 I’ve actively worked in the mental health field. I started as a child development counselor at the San Diego Center for Children. I then embarked on one of most awakening experiences of my life in 2012; graduate school full-time in pursuit of my masters degree in social work. I graduated with my MSW on May 16, 2014; my 27th birthday. This was quite the year for me. As it began I was still in emotional pain from calling off an engagement just after the save the dates had been mailed out. I look back on that now & feel joy that I (very much out of the blue) listened to my gut & remained true to myself. I landed a “dream job” (on face value only) out of grad school yet also grieved the loss of my father in his 65th year of life. A life that was never the same after his time as a combat veteran in the Vietnam war. He was finally properly diagnosed in his last decade, yet for the majority of his life he had been self-medicating with alcohol. 

 I began to really deepen even more so in my passion for counseling & mental health. The beginning of 2015, I met my husband & on June 2, 2017 we got married at the Crossings in Carlsbad at a fairytale of a wedding that still makes me blush. September 2018, we welcomed our beautiful son who came after an intense pregnancy & was delivered via cesarean. I stayed home for his first 5 months & then continued to work part-time doing counseling & social work. Our family was really getting in a great groove of a work, play, relax balance. Then June 2, 2020 my world flipped completely upside down when I was diagnosed with DCIS. At the age of 33 I found myself recovering from a bilateral mastectomy followed by reconstructive surgeries & here I am sharing my healing journey. I am here sharing my story and my expertise to facilitate lasting wellness for myself & others. We all deserve to put our wellness; our health; our mental health in the forefront.

I would be honored to help you do just that. 


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